Origin of WTFox Gang

Time goes back to two decades before, all kinds of animals got along peacefully in the western forest. Foxes, as one of the high-IQ animals among others, could not only imitate walking on two feet like an ape, also savvy about business operations. Their ancestral home-grown golden apple was once popular, its sweetness and longevity have made it become one of the best-selling fruits in the forest for many years.

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. Wolfs have been holding a grudge against foxes due to the war their ancestors fought each other a few centuries ago. The Wolf Lord suddenly came up with a perfect idea to drive foxes away from the forest. One night, it sent wolf gangsters to replace some of the golden apples with poisonous red apples secretly in foxes' storehouse, then painted them gold to impersonate like a golden apple.

Later, most animals suffered from mystic disease by eating the fake apples, and even showed visible signs of aging. Therefore, foxes began to be rejected by others animals, its business declined rapidly, also labeled "Foxes are cunning" for them. Eventually, under pressure and coercion, they were forced to leave their own place...

These months, home lost and hope lost had made them start blaming their fate. During the desperateness, one of the brave fox stood forward, it seemed not to accept that was their destiny. After that, under its exhortation and innate leadership skill, the hopeless foxes have united once again. Finally, they decided to settle down on a desert island and named that fox to be Fox King.

Now, they have established their own organisation "WTFox Gang". During these long and stable days, the population increased to more than 7,000, meanwhile the island has developed into a modern town with the fox's ingenuity, and started reviving gradually. 

Foxes understand that The Wolf Lord will never stop searching their location. Right now, they can no longer sit idly by, they must fully prepare to defend their next generation, and vow to change the world's prejudice that "Foxes are cunning"!

Holder Benefit

Holding 1 WTFox Gang NFT: WTFox Gangster 
✔ Private Verified WTFox Channels 
✔ Holder eligible to participate in the "Mintgoal" giveaway

Holding 3 WTFox Gang NFT: WTFox Investor
✔ Enjoy benefits at previous achieved levels
✔ Merchandise 90% off 
✔ Regular Exclusive Giveaways
✔ Become the WTFox Gang DAO council members with weighting voting rights

Holding 6 WTFox Gang NFT: WTFox Speculator 
✔ Enjoy benefits at previous achieved levels
✔ Merchandise 85% off 
✔ Got Whitelist spot for WTFox Gang 2.0 (When it is ready)

Holding 10 WTFox Gang NFT: WTFox Collector 
✔ Enjoy benefits at previous achieved levels
✔ Merchandise 80% off 
✔ Regular airdrops of premium WTFox merchandise
✔ Airdrop WTFox Gang NFT (One time only)
✔ Airdrop WTFox Gang 2.0 NFT (When it is ready)

Holding 15 WTFox Gang NFT: WTFox Mogul 
✔ Enjoy benefits at previous achieved levels
✔Merchandise 75% off
✔ Additional lucky draw chances (count extra 1 into every giveaway wheel)

Our Roadmap

🔥 0% WTFox Gang established!

● 7,777 -> 3,333 WTFox Gang uploaded to Arweave
● The first Instagram Filter has been released

● Discord channel and website available

🔥 20% Embarking on the fox's new journey!
● Free airdrops, whitelist, gift, further surprises activities are started holding!
● Release WTFox Gang NFT preview
● Discounted presale for whitelist holders 
● 1st presale on April 2
● 2nd presale on April 23

🔥 40% Expand the gang's territory! (Currently)

● Public sale begin on June 1 
● The first digital advertisement will be launched in Hong Kong through Xgd when sold more than 20%
● Listing on Secondary Markets (Magic Eden / Solanart)
● Listing rarity on Moonrank.app

🔥 60% Reward to our foxes!

● The total 20% minting proceeds (two months after release or sold out early) will be voted by WTFox Gang holders on Discord to decide how to spend (such as Giveaway, marketing, donation, etc.).

● The total 8% of minting proceeds (2 months after launch or sold out early) will be donated to charity and will be voted by WTFox Gang holders on Discord to donate to which charity.

● Our goal is to build a sustainable and profitable ecosystem to continue the story of the fox's golden apple industry, which is still being conceived
Meanwhile, people who have programming and blockchain experience are welcome to contact us


🔥 80% Real life benefits!

● WTFox Gang's branded merchandise such as T-shirts, puzzles, posters, plush dolls, etc. will be mass-produced and launched when sold more than 60%.

● Real life parties and activities (arranged after the Pandemic)

🔥 100% WTFox Gang 2.0!

● All WTFox Gang holders who have been whitelisted will receive WTFox Gang 2.0 WL and an equal share of WTFox Gang 2.0 20% of the minting proceeds (two months after release or sold out early)

● WTFox Gang holders can comment and vote for future developments and activities on Discord to decide the subsequent development and fate of the fox

● Expand the development team to attract talent and embark on our metaverse journey!!

Our Team

Sly Fox
Founder & Team Leader
Art & Graphic Designer

Yasai Fox
Discord Moderator

MK Fox
Community Manager

Will Fox
Discord Maderator
Event Coordinator
CS Manager


How much will one WTFox cost?

Each WTFoxes will cost 0.77SOL in public sale.

Where can I purchase the WTFox Gang?

WTFox Gang will be able to mint from our website. (Mint Date: TBD)

Presale of 777 WTFoxes will be available for our early supporters on Instagram, Discord and whitelist holders.
1st Presale: 2nd April
2nd Presale: 23rd April

How many WTFox Gang in total?

7,777 -> 3,333 WTFox Gang in total. 

Which wallet will I be able to use to mint a WTFox Gang NFTs?

We offer a number of wallet connections, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

Where can I get the latest news?

Follow our Instagram, twitter and Discord. Those links are on the website header.